Still thinking

Another day gone by in 2011 and more nerdy news and some new artwork has arrived. I'm still developing some of my techniques and I think I'm getting the hang of them, But as everyone knows art is always evolving so who knows what i might come up with next. So i'll put up a new painting i made and some new images that have shown up on the inter-webs from the new developing comic book movies. Hope you guys enjoy.

"The Monster"- Gouache and Ink on Paper

The X-Men: First Class cast. I'm not sure whether or not I like it yet. 

 On set picture of the new Spider-Man Reboot. I really hate this new costume but i guess that's what happens with reboots.


2 Suns and some fish

So I still have a ways to go before I get the hang of this watercolor technique down but I'm getting better. As far as any new nerd news apparently there's been some talk of a possible chance that the earth might be gaining another sun (http://www.disinfo.com/2011/01/earth-may-get-second-sun-in-2012/).Which means that  basically any Star Wars nerds will have there brains exploding out the side of there ears the minute this actually happens. Not only did the story of a space farmer boys life begin with the sunset of two suns, but our obsession with a gallaxy far far away began as well. So boys and girls lets clench our hands together in pure gitty joy as we await our impending second sun. Even though the world might burn after words Ha Ha Ha!!!.
"Attention All"- Gouache and Ink on Paper

Our Future


Slipped Through the Cracks!!!!

Been busy for the last couple of weeks with work and all but some how I managed to get some painting done. I've been watching a lot of new T.V. shows on my spare time which also puts a damper on my painting time but sometimes I just need that distraction. So I strongly suggest keeping up with "The Cape" and "Being Human". They both seem like pretty awesome shows. So with that, I do have some experimenting to do with my watercolor techniques so look forward to that.
"Under Wonder"- Gouache and Watercolor on paper


Oh, Doctor

   As promised I deliver you my Doctor Who inspired painting. Not that its bad to be a nerd but sometimes I think I nerd out to much; But how can I help myself Doctor Who is such an amazing show.
"Doctor" mixed media on paper


Snowed In!!!!!

Hello once again folks. It's been a slow week so far with all the snow problems in New York; but at least with all the snow it has kept me indoors and given me time for some new projects. Even though I still have my lazy moments, I am looking forward to nerding out on the most recent episode of Doctor Who. I'm hardcore Whovian, so my next project will most likely be a nerdgasm tribute to the doctor. So all you Doctor Nerds look forward to that.

"Julian"- gouache and ink on paper

Trial and Error

 Hello out there in the inter-connected screens. You may not know who I am yet, but hopefully you will. My name is Jessy Montoya and I'm finally starting some sort of connection with the world YAY!!! I am in no means a writer, but I have been doing art for most of my life. I tend to procrastinate my butt off so I'm going to be posting a bit frequently to at least be consistent about something; and maybe also put some stuff up that I find interesting or at the least entertaining.

So without further a due I give you guys my first piece.

"Oh, Hello" Gouache and Ink on Paper
Ta Da!!!!!